X — Jump / Hover in the air

C — Shoot

Z — ?

A / S — View collectables

Picking up a crystal or a collectables refills HP and sets your respawn point.

Can you find every collectable?

Don't press ESC! It crashes the game.

A game by connorak and Madison H. Music by Christian, additional art by lizuyu. Special thanks to Ryan for his GOD-TIER Git knowledge; single-handedly saved this game from death-by-merge-conflict.

Made in about ~5 days for the NOKIA 3310 Jam!


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I can't believe y'all made this so fast! It is so fun I think you completely delivered on the vibe you were going for 


Super cute game!!! Can't believe yall put this together in 5 days :O great work and had a lot of fun playing!


You have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. Amazing game <3


I also loved the visual style, it was amazing how expressive the graphics were even in such a low resolution. Maybe a bit scuffed, but I was really impressed at the size of the game world and I thought the overall design and mechanics were great-- it was like a tiny little metroidvania!


Thank you; a teeny-tiny metroidvania is exactly what we were shooting for!


Giga Poggers


Fantastic game! I'm claiming myself as the speedrun world record holder with a time of 15:38. Try and beat me ;)


omg this was a blast to play! you guys did an amazing job setting up the level so i learned new and interesting ways to utilize the core mechanic and then gave a little challenge to test that new technique. it has an awesome visual style and boppin' beat that is stuck in my head now too lol. excellent work!

OMG thank you!!! We're so glad you enjoyed the game, especially all the little details.